Total Site Development

Palm Aire Country Club

LOCATION: Pompano Beach, Florida
OWNER: Palm-Aire Associated Limited
CONTRACT: Over $14 Million

This project consists of the conversion of an eighteen hole golf course into lakes. A total of 115 acres will be excavated, utilizing backhoes, dredges and draglines to generate approximately four (4) million tons of material. A scale house to facilitate and measure material sales for the local market was positioned on site. Final lake sloping, storm drainage interconnect piping, walkways, irrigation, sod placement and fountains will be done to create a park environment.

Homestead Lake Restoration

LOCATION: Homestead, Florida
OWNER: City of Homestead
CONTRACT: Over $2.8 Million

Contracted by the City of Homestead, Ryan was to restore an over excavated quarry lake to a proposed elevation of (-) 52.5 when in fact over two-thirds of the lake exceeded that elevation by 20-30 feet. Blasted limerock was available fill from the adjacent areas of the mine. The contract with the City of Homestead Florida stated that there will be no pay for any fill placed above elevation (-) 52.5, so the system used for the work mandated very precise controls. The Solution: Reduce the rock to a size that could be transported to the lake using a floating conveyor system. Then build a self-positioning placing barge that would dump the crushed material in locations determined by a satellite positioning system. When the final measurements were taken, 400,000 tons of material was placed and no additional material was needed…another successful project.

Foxcroft Waterview Earthwork

LOCATION: Miramar, Florida
CONTRACT: Over $2.6 Million

Clearing, grubbing and earthwork to convert a former golf course into a single and multi-family housing development. The existing course had arsenic levels which exceeded the residential allowable. A soils management plan was followed and through mixing, capping and special placement of this material, the levels of arsenic met required standards. The existing drainage on the site was modified and greatly improved by the creation of several new lakes and canals and the backfilling of existing lakes using coffer dams. This allowed for desilting ponds in dry conditions. Earthmoving operations included 799,400 cubic yards of material moved and placed.

Aberdeen Undex Proving Ground

LOCATION: Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
OWNER: US Army, Washington, DC
CONTRACT: Over $16 Million

Ryan was contracted to build an inland underwater testing pond where Navy vessels are subjected to controlled explosions. The work consisted of 1,000,000 cubic yards of dewatered excavation that was contaminated with unexploded ordinance and required armored excavation equipment. Then 600,000cy of glacial till was dredged to depths of 150 below water. Heavy rip rap was placed over the entire top 30 feet of the pond. The dewatered excavation was hauled one mile to a waste site which was subsequently used for the waste dredged material. The dewatered clay materials were excavated by armored draglines, backhoes and articulated trucks. A custom 6,000 horsepower dredge utilizing a heavy 220 feet digger ladder was built on site for the dredging operation.

Hypower Temporary Storage Facility

LOCATION: Pompano Beach, Florida
OWNER: Lebolo Construction Management
CONTRACT: Over half a million

A LEED Gold project, Ryan transformed a vacant property into an office and warehouse facility for Hypower Electric. Construction consisted of erosion control, clearing, earthwork, the installation of all site utilities including drainage, sewer, water and fire systems. Additionally, fiber reinforced concrete paving was installed over stabilized subgrade and all site striping and signs were provided. The utilization of the concrete paving in lieu of asphalt paving played a role in the LEED certification.

Palm Meadows Thoroughbred Training Farm

LOCATION: Palm Beach, Florida
OWNER: MEC Development, Inc.
CONTRACT: Over $6.5 Million

A horse training facility that stables over 1000 horses as well as 50 jockey’s. Ryan created three different types of tracks for the horses to train on. One track was a dirt track the other was a turf track that was the same genetic make-up of the owner’s Hallandale track. It was a massive earthwork and drainage project removing the muck and redistributing it into the berms and landscaping areas. We did all the sitework for the on-site processing plant, which takes the horse manure and turns it into a sellable form of fertilizer.

B-23 Canal Dredging

LOCATION: Port Orange, Florida
OWNER: City of Port Orange
CONTRACT: Over half a million

Purpose of this dredging project was to increase the depth of the B-23 Canal used for public boat traffic. We excavated approximately 20,000 yards of material from 2600 linear feet of canal to a -6.5 foot depth. The shallow of the canal provided a challenge as we had to dredge our way into the canal. The material was pumped to a location nearly two miles away using a booster Pump.