Surface mining of coal in 6 states:

  • Pennsylvania
  • Alabama
  • Kentucky
  • Colorado
  • Tennessee
  • West Virginia

International Mining:

  • Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico – Iron Ore Surface Mining
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico – Rio Puerto Nuevo Flood Control Project:
    Margarita Channel Improvements – Dragline excavation of over 1,100,000 cubic yards.

Private Mining:

  • MECCA Pit – Lox Road, Palm Beach County, Florida – 6,000,000 cy’s of material was dug with hoes or dredged to produce fill sale material or was crushed to make various aggregates.  This quarry operation lasted 10 years.
  • MECCA-RYAN LLC – Palm Beach County, Florida – 500,000 cy’s of material for fill sales, or aggregates was produced by dragline casting, dredging, or backhoe casting.
  • Farabee Road Quarry – Fort Myers, Florida – A one year operation of fill sales and select material sales.
  • Corkscrew Road in Lee County – 216,000cy excavated and 263,000 tons crushed. Base rock and aggregate material was dredged, overburden was removed, blasted, excavated, hauled, crushed and processed.

Florida Mines:

  • Florida Rock – 25th Street, Miami, Florida – 2,000,000 cy of material over three years.
  • Florida Rock – Fort Myers, Florida – 2,000,000 cy of rock excavation completed in two years.
  • Florida Rock – Gulf Hammock, Florida – 1,500,000 c y of rock excavation completed in 2 years.
  • White Rock Quarry – Miami, Florida – 1,900,000 cy’s of overburden and rock excavation, 500,000cy of rock exaction and 500,000cy of rock crushing in a two year period.
  • Rinker Estero Road – Fort Myers, Florida – 2,500,000cy of excavation.
  • Mazak Quarry – Central Florida –  500,000cy
  • Apac – Naples, Florida – 1,500,000cy of rock excavation.
  • Bonita Grande – Bonita Bay, Florida– 600,000cy of material

Projects in Florida with over 1 million cy of material sold:

  • Miramar Rock / Sunset Lakes in Miramar
  • Imagination Farms in Davie
  • Mission Bay in Boca Raton
  • Winston Park in Coconut Creek
  • Embassy Lakes in Cooper City
  • Palm Aire Country Club in Pompano Beach