Aventura Isles (Champion Lakes)

  • LOCATION: Aventura, FL

  • OWNER: Williams Island Ventures, LLC

  • CONTRACT: Over 23 Million

An incredibly multifaceted project which involved the conversion of a 150 acre golf course into a single family and multi-family community. The earthwork element was complex due to the levels of arsenic as well as other chemicals exceeding the allowable residential thresholds. Working with the local regulatory agency, a soils management plan was facilitated which involved the excavation, mixing, processing and placement of over 1,000,000 cubic yards of dirt. Upon completion, full compliance and acceptance by the regulatory agencies was achieved. In addition, approximately 13 miles of utility pipe was installed to accommodate storm drainage, water and sewer installations. Ryan also installed 60,000 square yards of asphalt paving including subgrade preparation, base work and over 40,000 linear feet of concrete curbing. Striping and signage completed our operations. A job well done.