• LOCATION: Coral Springs, Florida

  • OWNER: Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

  • CONTRACT: $5.5 Million

This 17 acre site was cleared and disked and all existing vegetation including topsoil was removed as well as existing asphalt, concrete, CBS wall, chain link fence, and other various debris. Next 164,000 cubic feet of underground drainage storage was installed with large diameter pipe to comply with onsite water storage requirements. Then thousands of linear feet of exfiltration trench was dug, we installed the water/fire line, and full sewer system which completed the utilities. The entire site was then rough graded, we spread imported stabilized subgrade material to balance the site and to bring the building pad and asphalt parking lot to proposed grades. A portion of the parking areas was built with pervious concrete to allow additional onsite percolation. The parking areas were
finished with 24″ reinforced concrete curb and gutters. The fuel dispenser islands were built with 7″ reinforced concrete. The offsite consisted of a modification of an entrance off of Coral Ridge Drive, a new entrance off of Wiles Road, plus a stand-alone bus stop completed the offsite portion of the