Flagler Station 3 Phase 1 Infrastructure

  • LOCATION: Miami, Florida

  • OWNER: Flagler Development

  • CONTRACT: Over 5 Million

The 40 acre project is located within the Titan America quarry and aggregate plant facility. The project was a vacant property heavily wooded with malealuca trees. After we cleared the site, it needed to be flat filled to a certain elevation for future industrial development. The material being removed was black silt/peat material with sand, limerock and limesand underneath. We demucked 100,000cy of material onsite and removed 190,000cy of muck to an offsite area. We imported 173,250cy of good material from a 5.6 acre lake we excavated to a depth of 22 feet deep. This proved challenging due to the limerock underlain by the Fort Thompson formation.