SCFE SE Railroad Extension Track

  • LOCATION: South Bay, Florida

  • OWNER: Crouch Talway Consulting, LLC

  • CONTRACT: Approximately $14 Million

The work consisted of 22 miles of proposed Railroad track extension along sugar cane fields and mostly along and across irrigation canals. On this project we will remove approximately 46,000 cubic yards of excavation while furnishing, placing and compacting embankment for the new track consisting of 312,000 cubic yards of material. All of the fill material was provided to us by Star Quarries, that Ryan manages. Along with the new railroad roadbbed, sub-grade, sub-ballast, top soil stripping, top soil stock pile and top soil re-spread, there will be 120 new culver crossings and rip rap head walls that will be constructed or expanded to convey the water flow under the railway crossings. The project was accelerated by placing and compacting the embankment at a rate of as much as 10,0000 tons per day. This is breaking records at Star Quarries. It will reduce the overall duration of the project by six months. Recently it was determined that an additional 150,000-200,000 cubic yards will be added, making the total embankment almost a half a million cubic yards.