SFWMD C-139 Flow Equalization Basin (FEB)

  • LOCATION: Palm Beach County, Florida

  • OWNER: South Florida Water Management District

  • CONTRACT: $12,930,000

The C-139 Flow Equalization Basin (FEB) is an approximately 11,000 acre, foot-shallow impoundment area located South of the Deer Fence Canal and West of STA-5/6 Flow-way 3 on the Northern 2,800 acres of the C-139 Annex. We will excavate 10 miles of new inflow, outflow and seepage canals, and build levee embankments with over 3 million cubic yards of fill. The construction of 500+ CFS Pump stations and outflow structures will assist in managing source basin runoff in a more controlled and advantageous manner, by attenuating peak flows and temporarily storing a portion of the stormwater runoff prior to it being conveyed to STA-5/6. We will also be clearing and grading more than 3500 acres to achieve the final elevations.