Westview Logistics Center

  • LOCATION: Miami-Dade, FL

  • OWNER: Alston Construction / Panattoni Construction

  • CONTRACT: Over $21 Million

Redevelopment of a former golf course into a warehouse logistical center. It encompasses six warehouse buildings with adjacent parking lots, interior roads and turn lanes. An Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) for the property was developed due to the high levels of arsenic impacted soils. The soil remediation plan involves various removal, mixing, and import of clean fill activities. The earthwork component has over a million yards of fill placement in the existing lakes as well as site cut and placement throughout the 75 acres to balance the site. The project also includes improvements to 24th Avenue, NW 119th Street, North turn around road, and the supply and installation of a large capacity lift station and forcemain systems to service the surrounding areas. As part of the re-development, a park was created for the community. With over 7 miles of concrete curbs and 5,000sy of sidewalks the total cost of this project is over $21 Million.