Ryan Mining

Ryan Incorporated Mining is a heavy construction firm with extensive experience in all types of site development and mining. The ownership of a significant number of manitowoc 8 cubic yard draglines, capable of digging to a depth of 70′, have allowed this firm to perform very sizeable and varied contracts.

The Florida operations include major quarries where we have excavated rock depths of 70′ or more and in a number of instances have provided the crushing necessary to make marketable products. We have had joint venture operations where we manufactured a variety of stone and sand products.

The mining history of the Ryan family entities includes strip coal mining in Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

This is a diversified company capable of servicing aggregate operations and site contracts with unusual or special requirements, thus avoiding the inherent disputes of multiple discipline contracts.

Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan

Ryan Incorporated Mining

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