Immokolee Road At FPFWCD Canal 5 Culvert Replacement

  • LOCATION: Florida

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Ryan was awarded the installation of large canal culverts needed to improve waterflow under Immokolee Road. First we demolished and removed the south headwall, removed all existing structures and culvert pipes, and prepared the area with imported fill material northward to the existing roadway. We then used about 900 cubic yards of fill material to shore up the existing roadway. Maintaining the two way traffic on the roadway was required throughout the duration of the project which we accomplished by building a temporary detour south of the existing roadway over the existing canal . The entire site required dewatering while we installed the South 78 linear feet of new precast concrete box culverts that were 11 feet in span, as well as forming and constructing a new South headwall. This size culverts proved challenging due to the existing soil conditions, overhead powerlines and poles while we maneuvered the culvert boxes into place utilizing a crane. We used 1200 tons of #57 stone (bank & shore material) wrapped in geotextile fabric underneath the box culverts and headwalls to obtain proper compaction of the underlying soil.

In case a heavy rainfall occurred during construction we continued and maintained a bypass flow canal to maintain proper water elevations in the canals.

Once the south side was constructed we demolished the North headwall and existing CMP culvert. We installed the North 78 linear feet of new box culvert sections and constructed a new North headwall. The remaining utility portion required 351 linear feet of 18” RCP and 8 inlets. Both ends were then lined with a Rip Rubble – Bank & Shore material. Once the utility portion of the project was complete we restored the roadway alignment, sodded, installed guardrail and striping & signage.